Nothing beats original music.

“My role as a composer is that of a story teller. I am passionate about using real players and instruments to imbue my work with emotional complexity, depth and humor. Whatever style or genre will best serve the picture and the story.”

Chasing the Ghost Particle

In the full-length show, stunning simulations of the most energetic places in our universe, and the galaxies around us, are the prelude to a thrilling journey inside IceCube, looking for traces of neutrino collisions in the ice. From one of the most remote locations on Earth to the unexplored regions of the cosmos, Chasing the Ghost Particle: From the South Pole to the Edge of the Universe will take you on a journey you won’t forget.

Click here to view the final 8 minutes of the IMAX Documentary.

VIDEO: The IMAX Trailer for “Chasing the Ghost Particle”